August 15, 2018 chad

Here are 5 quick tips for keeping the costs down when developing a website:

  1. Avoid making a lot of direction changes. If you are constantly changing direction, it will get expensive.
  2. Avoid customizations unless absolutely necessary. Stay flexible.
  3. Adding pages with unique designs will increase cost. Stick to the same layout for each interior page and keep things simple.
  4. Avoid spending a disproportionate amount of time on details that won’t have a great impact on the performance of the site. If you spend an hour discussing each abstract background photo, it will get expensive.
  5. Limit pages. Some sites are unavoidably huge. But if you can keep content to what’s most valuable and necessary… it will reduce design cost.

Some web agencies are simply expensive to work with and there is nothing that will change that. If you are looking for a quality website for a fair price, contact me.


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