Billing FAQs

What Is Considered Billable?

If we have to log in to your site to make a change, customization, or fix a break, it’s billable.

Working on websites is what our Web Designers and Developers do for a living. It’s how they feed their families. If you ask us to log in to your website, we have to charge you. If we don’t, then we cannot afford to pay our team, which means we will not be able to make future updates, changes, and fixes to your website.

Examples of things we charge for:

  • Changing pictures, colors, text, videos, files, or other content located on your website.
  • Changing HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, or any other code on your website.
  • Logging into integrated systems on your behalf. For example, logging into SaleForce to retrieve lead capture form code you want added to your website.
  • Correspondence that is required in order to complete billable work. Sometimes it takes a phone call or a few emails to get a clear understanding of what is being asked. The time we spend serving you, is time we cannot spend serving others.

What Is Not Considered Billable?

We charge a flat monthly fee for web hosting and specific site maintenance and you can read all about these services here:

All of the services included in our Managed Hosting can be completed remotely, which is why we define billable as anythign that requires us to login directly to your site.

Examples of things we DO NOT charge for:

  • Server/hosting related requests like increasing the max execution time.
  • DNS updates for Domains under our management.
  • Updating Plugins (software update)
  • Updating WordPress (software update)
  • Answering general website questions.
  • Answering general marketing questions.
  • Things we do for you that you don’t ask us to do.
  • Sales related questions like asking us how much it would cost do to “X”.

Our Philosophy on Billing

We bill honestly, and only for the time it takes. We do not bill in 15-minute increments or round time up. We track our time to the minute. We work efficiently and put the best interests of our clients ahead of our own.

For example, if a client calls and says “I want you to add a web form to my website and I have a budget of $500″ and we can complete the work for $100, then $100 is all the client will be billed. 

Some would say that we are leaving a lot of money on the table. We think we gain something much more valuable: a client’s trust. If we work efficiently and put the best interests of our clients ahead of our own, our client will trust future work to us.

We don’t think it’s right to charge clients based on their budget. That feels like we are “ripping someone off”. We enjoy sleeping soundly knowing we do business fairly and honestly and that we treat everyone equally. We work with a lot of family and friends and the formula for calculating the cost remains the same. $100/hour multiplied by the time it takes to complete the work.

How is Time Tracked?

We use a program called Toggl to track time. We track our time to the minute, as opposed to 5 or 15 minute increments. We also use Toggl to keep track of uninvoiced time, invoiced, and paid, ensuring we do not accidentally double bill for work completed. All invoices from contain a memo with the time period of when the work on the invoice was completed.

What’s your Refund Policy/Guarantee?

We want you to be WOWED with our work! If you’re not, please let us know and we will work with you to make it right.

With any project we work on, we keep clients updated at regular intervals, taking their feedback into account along the way, so it’s very uncommon for us to have a major issue. 

If you’re so unhappy that you don’t want to pay us, you can return the work we did (by deleting it) and we won’t charge you. 

We do not provide refunds for product based services like Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization. You can cancel future charges, but we do not provide prorated refunds. 

Your Rates Seem High?

According to an survey of over 1,000 digital marketing agencies and freelancers across 16 countries, the average hourly rate for a Web Design and Development Agency is between $101-$150 per hour.

Our standard rate of $150/hour falls within the “average range”, however, we offer a preferred client rate of $100/hour for websites we host.

If we do not host your website our standard hourly rate will apply. 

Standard Rate: $150/hour

Preferred Client Rate: $100/hour

Our Standard Rate vs. Preferred Client Rate

We offer our preferred client rate for work completed on websites we host. If we do not host your website our standard hourly rate will apply. 

Standard Rate: $150/hour

Preferred Client Rate: $100/hour


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