Domain Management

We are able to handle everything for your domains. From purchases and renewals to
complex DNS record management and email records, we have you covered!

Purchases and Renewals


We can secure new domains for you!  If the one you would like is not available, we’ll help you find alternatives that will be just as effective.  Our approach with domain management is that we provide what you need.  Seems simple, but a lot of registrars lure you in with cheap pricing to hit you with upsells and hidden charges.

We know what you need and provide it upfront at a competitive and reasonable price.

Unlimited DNS Updates

When WOWIE is your domain registrar we’ll handle all of your DNS updates for free.  All you need to do is call or email us and we’ll implement whatever changes are required.  This saves you time and money in that you don’t have to risk doing it yourself or having to hire someone to do it for you.

If you host your website with us but have another domain registrar, we are still able to update your DNS for you, but will charge our hourly rate for the changes.  Often, the cost of one DNS update you have to pay to have done outweighs any perceived cost savings of other registrars.

We know DNS updates are necessary from time to time and so we provide them for free when you purchase or renew your domain with WOWIE!


Domain privacy is included in the price of your domain purchase.  Many registrars that boast of inexpensive pricing can only do so because they don’t include keeping your identity private in the pricing.  They then allow you to add domain privacy when you go to check out.  We know you need this and include it with every domain.

DNS Records for Email

If you will use emails with your domain, it is very likely you will need a few extra DNS records to prevent abuse in the form of spam or spoofing. Read more about SPF/DKIM/DMARC records here. Remember, when you purchase a domain through you get unlimited DNS updates, so setting up records like this for you is free.


If WOWIE is your registrar, you don’t have to worry about missing your domain’s renewal date.  We monitor your domains and will send an invoice for renewal prior to expiration.

If you’d like to maintain a credit card on file, we will handle your renewals at the appropriate time for you!

Domain Management

$35 1 Year
  • Domain Registration for One Year
  • Domain Privacy
  • Unlimited DNS Updates

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