July 26, 2018 chad

This is a startup! Who has time for blogging? I’m at the computer 12+ hours a day working for clients! Trying to get new clients! Or working on my own business! I don’t have time to watch Netflix, let alone fucking blog!

But I WANT to blog. I want to share the journey…I’m devoting a huge portion of my everyday life to this business called Wowie. Why wouldn’t I want to share that?

The trouble is finding the damn time.

I started a blog about a month ago, and promptly forgot about it. I was thinking this time I would try blogging in the morning. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write about whatever is going on.

This is essentially a blog post about starting a blog. And I think devoting and more than 150 words to a blog post about a blog could get you kicked off the internet. End.


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